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Calender Operator

Operate machines to coat, impregnate, imprint, or form rubber sheetings.

What does a Calender Operator do?

Operates machine, alone or as member of crew, to coat, impregnate, imprint, or form rubber sheeting or rubberized fabric: Turns steam valves to regulate heat or rolls, judging heat by action of rubber and by feeling rolls with hand. Turns handwheels or capstan bar to adjust distance between rolls. Verifies thickness of calendered material, using gauges. Threads fabric or rubber sheeting around and between rollers, through coating reservoirs or water coolant tanks, and onto pickup reel core or takeoff conveyor. Adjusts knives that trim selvage or cut material to specified width by moving knives along bar and turning setscrews, or replaces numbered rack of knives, using wrenches. Adjusts weights on arms of holders so knives will press against rolls and cut through thickness of material processed. Observes calendered material for defects, such as bubbles, lumps, streaks, and pitting, and marks defects. May direct other workers who feed stock, change takeup reels, take off and inspect stamped parts, and place them in books, boards, and frames. May be designated according to material calendered as Calender Operator, Fabric; Calender Operator, Gum Stock.