Calender Machine Operator

Tend takeup machines that press cloth, tape, rope, or brake lining.

What does a Calender Machine Operator do?

Tends takeup machine that presses asbestos cloth, tape, rope, or brake lining to uniform thickness and even finish: Places roll of asbestos material on brackets of machine and threads material through feed rollers, calender rolls, and around takeup roll. Turns handwheel or air valve to regulate pressure on calender rolls according to material being pressed. Adjusts thermostat to set specified temperature for rollers. Starts machine and guides material into feed rollers. Measures thickness and width of material, using micrometer and tape measure, and adjusts pressure on rollers so thickness and width of material will conform to specifications. Observes recording control chart and adjusts coolant valves to control temperature of rollers. Removes rolls of material from takeup roll. Records width, yardage, and type of material pressed on work ticket and attaches ticket to roll of material. May examine asbestos material for defects and mend defects, using darning needle. May change rollers, using hoist and handtools. May tend machine that presses wire mesh and asbestos to uniform thickness.