Calender Machine Operator Helper

Perform duties at calendering machine.

What does a Calender Machine Operator Helper do?

Performs any of following duties at calendering machine to facilitate coating, imprinting, or forming rubber sheeting or rubberized fabric: Changes fabric rolls and roll shells, using overhead hoist, on letoff racks and windup racks. Threads material through machine. Observes operation to detect faulty calendering. Sets yardage counter. Turns handwheels, moves lever, or presses buttons on control panel to adjust sheeting tension and windup speed. Prepares and attaches identification tag to calendered roll. May splice uncoated roll to end of roll in process inserting gum strip between ends and vulcanizing in bar splice press. May read yardage gauge and compare weight for conformance to specifications. May relieve CALENDER OPERATOR. Performs other duties as described under HELPER Master Title.