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Cake Press Operator Helper

Assist Cake-Press Operators in baking plastic materials into cake molds.

What does a Cake Press Operator Helper do?

Assists CAKE-PRESS OPERATOR in compressing and baking chipped, rolled, or slabbed plastics materials into cake molds for sheeting: Positions empty molds on platform scales. Spreads plastics chips evenly over mold, using spreader. Pushes molds along roller conveyor from baking press to cooling press. Pushes cooled molds from press onto roller conveyor. Removes platen from mold and pushes it along roller conveyor to storage rack. Removes cake from mold and trims flash, using knife. Stacks cakes on pallets. Pushes empty mold along conveyor to scale. Cleans molds and presses, using knife and scraper. Performs other duties as described under HELPER Master Title.