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Cake Decorator



Add tasty flourishes to birthday, wedding, or party cakes with icing.

What does a Cake Decorator do?

Creating the Washington Monument or a slot machine out of only sugar and flour might sound like an impossible task, but really, they’re just two examples of the incredible cake creations made by the Cake Decorators on the TV show “Ace of Cakes.” As a Cake Decorator, you make whatever your client desires using nothing more than baked goods and frosting.

Though “Ace of Cakes” gives a pretty good look at how cakes are made, it’s probably not going to be the site of your first (or even last) cake-decorating gig. Most Cake Decorators work in restaurants or bakeries, whether they are found in grocery stores or independent storefronts.

You can make pretty basic cakes (think white sheet cakes with flowers in the corner) or large creations that let you go crazy with your creativity. The cakes you make end up at everything from birthday parties to weddings to retirement parties. After all, cake goes with pretty much any occasion you can imagine.

This job combines serious art skills with equally serious baking abilities. Though you’re able to create something that looks really cool, if it doesn’t taste good, your client won’t be impressed. In order to walk the fine line between beautiful and edible, you first need to know what your client wants. Some customers will request a specific flavor and look, while others will just give a general idea.

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