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Cake Baker



Create impressive and tasty cakes for birthdays, weddings and graduations.

What does a Cake Baker do?

Cakes are often the center of any celebration. From graduations to birthday parties to weddings, the cake, well, takes the cake! Cake Bakers not only whip up mouthwatering desserts, their frosted masterpieces serve as the centerpiece of many joyous occasions.

Depending on the size of the bakery, a Cake Baker might run a one-man (or woman) show, or work as part of a larger team. That means you might be responsible for a variety of duties. For example, you might fill the shoes of an Ordering Clerk, schedule flour deliveries, become a Delivery Driver, or wear all hats as a Small Business Owner.

While the level of responsibility might vary, the focus of any Cake Baker is the same: bake amazing cakes that make customers crave more. Flavor is important, but cake baking has become more about artistry than ever.

In order to exceed the customer’s expectations, you hone your listening and communication skills, discuss ideas, present pictures, and create a plan. Then you make a timeline and get to work. After all, meeting deadlines is a hugely important part of a Cake Baker’s job.

When you’ve created the moist, perfectly sized and shaped sweetened confection, it’s time to make its outside send a message. Anything from shaping it like a fire truck to hand-painting dozens of flower petals falls within your daily routine.

Precision is your middle name as you fill orders and design new creations for the store’s displays. And when the customer’s face lights up, you know you’ve done it well.

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