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Cage Supervisor

Make sure no money goes missing by working with Cashiers and Security.

What does a Cage Supervisor do?

There used to be a game show where contestants would don goggles, climb into a plastic box, and within an alloted time, try to catch as many dollar bills as they could while a fan blew the bills all around. Though it makes a pretty incredible visual, it doesn’t work so well when you’re trying to get a large sum of money to someone.

Casinos, on the other hand, have streamlined their approach to money handouts with the use of the cage. A cage is where casino Cashiers sit and pay out customers’ winnings. The Cage Supervisor oversees all the action that goes on in the cage, keeping track of both money and Cashiers.

The basics of the Cage Supervisor’s job are like those of any supervisory position: you hire, fire, train, and, in general, handle any problems with employees. The not-so-basic duties of Cage Supervisors include handling lots of money and working closely with big Security Guards. You’re in charge of all the money that comes in and out of the cage each night. You need to account for it at all times, so you keep a close eye on the Cashier’s work, and keep detailed reports on all the payouts that happen on your shift. You count out the cash registers at the end of the night, and figure out any discrepancies.

As for the Security Guards, you want to keep close to them because, as mentioned, you deal with lots of money, and also handle any problems that come up between customers and Cashiers. The Security Guards are there to help you out. But as the person in charge, you have the final say on any disagreement that arises in the cage.