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Cage Cashier



Exchange tokens for cash and oversee cash transactions.

What does a Cage Cashier do?

Cage cashiers handle monetary transactions in casinos. In addition to offering chips for cash, you deal with wire transfers, checks, and credit card advances.

You confirm that the transactions are legitimate and deal with cases of forgery, fake, or declined transactions. Daily transactional paperwork involving customers and coworkers, as well as processing credit applications, are additional responsibilities. Interacting with the public is an integral part of the gaming industry. Gaming cage workers are expected to focus on customer satisfaction with a pleasant disposition while protecting themselves from gamblers who cross boundaries. You handle credit failure situations with care, especially when dealing with such difficult situations with customers who may have had too much to drink.

Strategic thinking and problem-solving skills are prerequisites. You also need good communication, computer, and math skills. As part of the job, you might be exposed to tobacco smoke and long hours of standing. A high school diploma and experience of two to four years in a related customer service field are typical requirements for this job.

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