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Cafeteria Attendant

Serve food, work the register, and keep everything spic and span.

What does a Cafeteria Attendant do?

Employed primarily in schools, colleges, clubs, hospitals, and office buildings, a Cafeteria Attendant is a conduit between hungry people and food. Whether working behind the register or the serving counter, a Cafeteria Attendant needs a positive attitude and a zeal for cleanliness.

Put your listening ears on! As a Cafeteria Attendant, you need to ensure that you’re serving the right portion and not being wasteful. Your keen attention to detail is essential to making sure you get each order right. Customers can be demanding, but paying close attention to their requests can reduce the potential for tension. Basic mathematic skills are required, too, as you collect payment and make change when necessary.

Organizational skills are mandatory in this position. On a regular basis, you collect and replenish serving trays, organize silverware, and refill napkin dispensers. Keeping all surfaces clean and presentable is important, since nobody wants to eat in a dirty cafeteria.

Working behind the scenes, you may deliver food from the kitchen to the serving area throughout your shift. Physical stamina and flexibility are required to do the job well, as you bend, lift, carry, and twist throughout your workday.

As you prepare for the next wave of customers, you’re expected to clean the dining room, tables, and equipment. Refilling condiments, salt and pepper shakers, napkins, cups, straws, lids, and everything else is part of your job description, too.

Keep a smile on your face and sensible shoes on your feet and you’ll excel as a Cafeteria Attendant!