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Tote clubs, balls, and tees for professional golfers.

What does a Caddy do?

A Caddy is to a Golf Player what a Tutor is to a confused student. You explain the ins and outs of the game in order to get a Player to achieve their best score.

Though it might sound like a riddle, as a Caddy, you work all day on a golf course but aren’t employed by one. Most Caddies work as freelance agents and get hired by individual Players.

During a golf game, you do a lot of heavy lifting. For the entire 18 holes, you carry clubs and balls, fix sand traps after Players have hit, and clean off balls. Before you get the wrong idea though, know that you’re more than just a pack mule. You give a lot of helpful advice throughout the game, and Players rely on you for the knowledge you have about the game of golf. You might give suggestions on things like the type of club that should be used for each shot, the way the putting green is sloping, and how the weather will affect the shot. All of this lets the Player know how they should swing and where they should hit the ball in order to get it to where it needs to fall. You also find balls when they go into the rough (a.k.a. the trees), and provide moral and mental support when your Player’s not doing so well. A good Caddy is highly regarded, and many Professional Golfers have had the same one for years.

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