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Serve as trusted assistant to a Golfer during games.

What does a Caddie do?

In movies, they’re seen lugging clubs around, but in reality, Caddies are more than just human backpacks. As a Caddie, you’re a Coach and mentor to Professional Golfers during games. Every minuscule dip in the current course is lodged in your memory, and you know the best game strategy for any situation. You’re that little voice telling the likes of Tiger Woods what club to choose to carry them to victory.

To work as a Caddie, you have to be an excellent Golfer yourself. Knowing the ins and outs of the profession lets you help others improve. You attend practice sessions with your Pro Golfer to learn her weaknesses and strengths and use that info to help her perform better on a tricky course.

During tournaments, you develop a strategy for winning or scoring high on the course. Building a strong bond with the Golfer you support is crucial for victory. The pressure and constant criticism from the outside world can get harsh, so sometimes, you provide advice, and other times, you’re a shoulder to lean on.

Of course, you have to be in excellent physical shape as well. Running around retrieving golf balls and carrying heavy bags of clubs can sap your energy. Preparing both physically and mentally helps you focus on the game. For all the attention they receive, Professional Golfers are only as good as their Caddies!

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