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CAD Drafter



Use computer graphics to create detailed 3-D designs and blueprints.

What does a CAD Drafter do?

A Computer Aided Design Drafter, or CAD Drafter, creates technical drawings using computer graphics. CAD Drafters are found in many industries, from engineering to garment design to aeronautical drafting. It is useful wherever design details can be translated into a computer model for greater accuracy and ease of exhibition.

To be a CAD Drafter, you should be very detail oriented. You create 3-D models and blueprints of designs, and your work is presented to clients, Contractors, Engineers and Managers. So every little detail needs to be correct, from notes on what type of wood should be used to what pipe size is needed.

Daily tasks could include meeting with a Designer to understand their ideas and notes, creating the graphs, models, or representations needed to accurately portray their idea, and reviewing your work to make sure it is accurate and understandable. So there is not a huge creative component to this position- instead you are using your proficiency in computer graphics to translate rough drafts into final, polished versions.

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