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Cable Wirer

Install cables and solder wires to connect electrical instruments.

What does a Cable Wirer do?

Installs cables and solders wires to connect electrical instruments mounted on control apparatus, such as panelboards and telephone crossbar frames, according to diagrams and blueprints: Pulls assembled crossbar frame or unit to work area, using monorail chain hoist or handtruck. Ties preformed wiring cable to brackets. Positions arms of cable and spreads wires to facilitate wiring. May strip insulation from ends of wires with pliers to prepare for connections. Connects color-coded wires to terminals, using soldering iron or pneumatic wire-wrapping tool. Examines and feels wires to detect loose connections. Writes and ties tickets to wires or terminals in apparatus to identify surplus or missing wires. May secure parts, such as diodes and resistors to specified locations on equipment, using soldering iron or screwdriver. Tapes insulating sleeves over auxiliary lead wires of cable. Pulls or carries wired apparatus to storage area. May be designated according to equipment wired as Crossbar-Frame Wirer; Crossbar-Unit Wirer; Switchboard Assembler.