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Cable Television Installer

Install cable television cables and equipment on customers' premises.

What does a Cable Television Installer do?

Installs cable television cables and equipment on customer’s premise, using electrician’s tools and test equipment: Measures television signal strength at utility pole, using electronic test equipment. Computes impedance of wire from pole to house to determine additional resistance needed for reducing signal to desired level. Installs terminal boxes and strings lead-in wires, using electrician’s tools. Connects television set to cable system and evaluates incoming signal. Adjusts and repairs cable system to ensure optimum reception. May collect installation fees and explain cable service operation to subscriber. May communicate with COMMUNICATIONS ELECTRICIAN SUPERVISOR 823.131-010, using two-way radio or telephone, to receive instructions or technical advice and to report problems to be repaired by CABLE TELEVISION LINE TECHNICIAN 821.261-010. May report unauthorized use of cable system to COMMUNICATIONS ELECTRICIAN SUPERVISOR. May clean and maintain tools, test equipment, and motor vehicle.