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Cable Television Access Coordinator

Instruct trainees in the use of equipment.

What does a Cable Television Access Coordinator do?

Instructs trainees in use of equipment; and operates equipment, such as camera, sound mixer, and videotape deck, to film events, to copy/edit graphics, voice, and music onto videotape, for broadcast on cable television: Determines time and day of class and plans outline of material to be covered. Distributes manuals, and instructs and demonstrates to trainees, care, setup and operation of equipment, such as tripods, microphones and portable camera. Prepares and administers written and practical tests to test trainees’ knowledge. Determines equipment required to film event, and sets up and operates equipment, such as lights and portable camera to film event. Prepares script of filmed event. Loads videotape deck with videotape and instructs assistant to read script. Sets recording level, and records verbal description of event onto videotape, using videotaping equipment. Reviews videotape of filmed event, using videotaping equipment, to determine quality of video and color. Observes scales in video and color monitors and operates controls to adjust video and color levels. Enters written information about filmed event into graphic equipment. Plays musical selection, using stereo equipment, and adjusts controls to improve clarity and balance music. Sets inpoints and outpoints for graphics, voice, and music. Records graphics, voice, and music onto videotape, using audio/video equipment. Observes monitors to verify that video, voice, and music are synchronized during editing/copying process. Reviews assembled videotape, using videotaping equipment, to discern quality of video and audio signals, and operates controls to clarify and adjust video and audio signals. Edits manuals and schedules programs. May prepare report outlining past programs and future programs to be aired, and contents of programs.