Cable Technician

Test and repair electrical and communication lines.

What does a Cable Technician do?

Each time someone plugs a computer or telephone into a jack in the wall, they expect to receive a quick and clear connection to the outside world. The job of a Cable Technician is to make that expectation a reality.

Cable Technicians spend at least part of their workday setting up new services for clients. If a client has cabling connecting the structure to the transmission line, you – the Cable Technician – test those cables to make sure they’re not worn or frayed. If they are, you replace them.

You also go inside the structure and test the outlets, making sure those outlets are receiving a strong signal. If they’re not, you run tests to find the problem, and replace any broken wiring or out-of-date outlets that you find.

You may be required to do heavy labor in order to install new cable systems. This includes digging trenches for new cables, excavating holes for new transmission line posts, pulling long strings of cable from your truck, and stringing that cable overhead. These will be long and sweaty days.

Sometimes, you’ll be asked to repair cables that are malfunctioning. You drive to the site and test the cables, make sure they’re connected to the transmission lines, and replace any worn cables you find. You then enter the structure, and check that the outlets and internal cables are functioning properly. Take care not to disturb the client’s pets or break any fine china on display!