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Cable Splicer Helper

Assist Cable Splicers to join ends of multiple-conductor cables.

What does a Cable Splicer Helper do?

Assists CABLE SPLICER to join ends of multiple-conductor cables used in telephone and telegraph communication systems and electric-power transmitting equipment by performing routine duties: Positions splicer’s cart, opens manholes, hangs splicer’s platform in position, and supplies splicer with tools and equipment. Tends small gasoline engine to pump water from underground conduit tunnels or to supply fresh air to worker in tunnel. Cuts lead tubing with hacksaw to form covering over spliced cables. Tends gasoline heater to melt lead and paraffin. Assists CABLE SPLICER in boiling out wet cables and affixing cables in tunnel racks or to poles. May pull cables through ducts and conduits [CABLE PULLER]. Performs other duties as described under HELPER Master Title.