Cable Installer

Lay high-voltage electricity lines below or above ground.

What does a Cable Installer do?

When electricity needs to move from one place to another, it typically passes through cables. These cables may run overhead or beneath the ground.

They don’t simply spring up spontaneously, however. Instead, they must be put in place then tested. This is the job of a Cable Installer.

When you’re a Cable Installer, you’re provided with a company truck which functions as your office and workshop. The back of your truck contains a large spool of cable. After reviewing a set of drawings outlining where it should be placed, you pull cable from the spool using winches.

Whether strung overhead or through underground tunnels, the cable is secured in place. Then you splice it into a substation or existing power supply, and make sure the power is flowing.

Cable Installers usually spend most of their time working with new construction, including houses and roadways. At times, however, you may be asked to upgrade or repair old cables that are still in place. You examine the drawings of these locations, and test the existing cables to find the cause of the problem. You then disconnect the old cables, pull out new ones, and splice those into the system.

You spend your workdays outside. When the sun is shining and the birds are singing, you’ll love this aspect of your job, and you’ll mercilessly tease your friends about the day you’ve spent enjoying the weather while they’re cooped up in offices. On days full of snow and rain, however, your friends will repay you with their own taunts and jabs.