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Cable Installer-Repairer

Install and repair underground conduits and cable systems.

What does a Cable Installer-Repairer do?

Installs and repairs underground conduit and cable systems used to conduct electrical energy between substations and consumers: Installs and repairs conduits following blueprints. Pulls cables through ducts [CABLE PULLER]. Splices cables together or to overhead transmission line, customer service line, or street light line [CABLE SPLICER]. Installs and repairs transformers, fuse boxes, bus bars, relays, and other electrical equipment in manhole and underground substations [UNDERGROUND REPAIRER] according to wiring diagrams and specifications. Reinsulates or replaces worn cables and wires. Tests electric cables and equipment wiring to detect broken circuits or incorrect connections, using test lamp, voltmeter, ammeter, and thermocouple indicator.