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Cabin Manager

Supervise an airline's cabin crew to ensure great customer service.

What does a Cabin Manager do?

The airline industry is in the customer service business. And like most retail operations, there’s a hierarchy of employee titles. Within the confined space of an airplane, the range spans from the Flight Attendant to the Pilot. The Cabin Manager is the worker who manages the activities of the cabin and reports to the Pilot.

As a Cabin Manager, you have duties on and off the plane. In flight, you motivate your staff to provide caring and timely service to the customers on board. You answer questions, offer assistance, and ensure conformance to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations. In addition, you monitor in-flight sales of merchandise.

Sometimes, being a Cabin Manager means being a friend, and other times, it means implementing disciplinary action to an employee who falls out of line. It also puts you in charge of training the employees under your command.

Off the plane, your Manager duties don’t end. In fact, it might be where they begin. That’s because in addition to relaying information between the two ends of the plane, you’re also the middleman between management and your staff.

For this part of your job, you make recommendations concerning everything from food packaging to safety guidelines. After all, you get to see all aspects of the process, so your opinion is valued in meetings ranging in topic from budgets to employee performance to safety to customer satisfaction.