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Byproducts Pump Operator

Operate equipment to separate tar and ammonia from coke-oven gas.

What does a Byproducts Pump Operator do?

Operates equipment to cool, condense, and separate tar and ammonia from coke-oven gas and pump separated substances to specified locations: Turns valves to transfer materials from collecting mains through cooler, scrubbers, and decanter. Starts pumps, reads gauges and thermometers, and adjusts valves to regulate temperatures, pressures, and rate of flow of gas, tar, ammonia liquor, and water. Observes flow of tar from decanter and manually adjusts seal to alter level of interface between tar and liquor and regulate liquor settling time. Pumps gas to next process, tar to storage tanks, and liquor to collecting mains or to liquor storage tanks. Records temperature, pressures, and amount of tar and liquor pumped. Repairs pipes, using handtools. Turns valves to bypass equipment requiring repair or cleaning. May flush interior of coils with hot ammonia liquor to remove tar. May adjust and lubricate floats, valves, and other equipment, using handtools and lubricating equipment.