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What does a Butler do?

Butlers, or House Managers, are domestic employees who are hired by individuals — usually very wealthy ones — to manage their households. Having a Butler is one of the perks of being super wealthy, alongside not having to go through airport security because they fly on private jets, not having to make dinner reservations since even the most exclusive restaurants are happy to have them, and not having to practice parallel parking since their Chauffeur drives them door to door.

Forget what you’ve seen on TV: Tuxedos, British accents, and antique names like Alfred, Jeeves, and Wadsworth are relics of Butlers past. As a Butler in current times, you’re a modern take on the old-fashioned stereotype. You’re not a “Manservant”; instead, you’re more like a Personal Assistant who serves as CEO of the home.

Still, your duties likely include those of a traditional Butler, encompassing everything from cooking and cleaning to shopping and chauffeuring, not to mention opening doors. You might answer phones, manage other household employees, and serve as a Concierge to guests. You also plan events and parties that take place at the house and generally making your employer’s life easier by assisting with things like schedule management, social planning, and travel preparation.

Basically, you do whatever needs doing, because it’s your job to seamlessly manage your employer’s life — even if it means literally ironing the wrinkles out of it!

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