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Cut, cook, and process meats, order products, and practice food safety.

What does a Butcher do?

The next time you buy meat at the grocery store, you should thank the butcher. As a professional meat cutter, butchers play an important role in food preparation by providing consumers with cuts of meats such as beef, poultry, and fish. As a butcher, you are responsible for meat processing, cooking, product ordering, and food service sanitation. Most butchers work for retailers, wholesalers, and meat processing plants, but some provide personal chef services.

Hand-eye coordination and concentration are key to performing tasks efficiently and safely. Butchers need to have strong attention to detail in order to inspect meat and ensure quality standards are met. You need good communication skills to provide customer service, and some culinary skills and/or formal culinary education may be helpful in landing you a first job.

Butchers aren’t typically required to have a college degree, but most undergo training programs to learn how to use machinery and prepare food safely.