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Business Technology Professor

Teach university students about business technology.

What does a Business Technology Professor do?

The workday of a Business Technology Professor looks a lot like any other Professor ‘s. He or she works in a university or college, and teaches undergraduate, Master’s, or PhD students. Business Technology Professors generally teach about three classes per semester, and deliver their lectures with the help of PowerPoint presentations or extra reading materials.

Outside of class, they prepare the following week’s lecture, write tests, see students during consultation hours, and work on research of their own to deepen their understanding of your subject. This last task is especially necessary since in today’s world, technology is constantly changing and, as Business Technology Professor, you need to be up to date on the latest information.

The difference between you and other Professors is what you focus on. Your subject is business technology, which means you teach your students how to use technology to improve and influence the way a business is run. For example, business technology students might be in charge of making sure every piece of IT equipment is helping the business make a profit. Or they might be tasked with redesigning the company’s computer network.

Essentially, your students combine their technology skills with business smarts, since this is what they’ll need to get a job. Your classes can cover basic business and management techniques, like how to budget or manage a project. Or they can introduce students to different IT systems and networks.