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Business Reporter

Follow corporate and entrepreneurial news for your audience.

What does a Business Reporter do?

Financial market changes, company mergers, and corporate staffing revamps are all big news items, and these are what a Business Reporter specializes in. Business Reporters scout out business-related news, and explain it through stories and/or photographs. To make the job more interesting, they try to find hidden, secret details and expose that information in entertaining, riveting language.

As a Business Reporter, you spend a significant amount of time cultivating sources in your community. You attend Rotary Club meetings, for example, or hang out in pubs and restaurants favored by business professionals in your area. You keep an ample supply of business cards on hand, and pass them out liberally. Your sources will feed you the hidden business dirt, so the more sources you have, the easier your job will be.

When you find out about breaking business-related news, you interview sources. You bring a Photographer with you, or take photographs yourself. You also dig up background information at the library or on the Internet.

With the information you gathered, you then write your article, keeping a worn thesaurus on your desk to help you with thorny word choices. In some offices, you may be required to write several articles per day. In others, you may be given weeks to research and write about just one topic.

After your Editor looks at your story, you may be asked to clarify information or rewrite portions that aren’t working. You may grumble about this at first, but you also recognize that the edits are both necessary and helpful. After all, you and your Editor have a common goal: to come up with a story that’s both interesting and accurate.