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Business Opportunity and Property Investment Broker

Buy and sell business enterprises or investment properties.

What does a Business Opportunity and Property Investment Broker do?

Buys and sells business enterprises or investment property on speculative or commission basis: Reviews trade journals, business opportunity advertisements, or other publications to ascertain business enterprises or investment property up for sale. Investigates financial rating of business, customer appeal for type of merchandise, and desirability of location for type of business, or condition and location of investment property. Estimates cost of improving business or property and potential market value to determine resale value. Purchases business or property on speculative basis or on commission basis for client. Repairs, remodels, or redecorates building; purchases competitive merchandise; and installs sound management practices to improve value of property or business acquisition. Contacts prospective clients through newspaper advertisements or mailing lists. Describes to client selling points of property or business, emphasizing such factors as improvements made and profit potential. Sells business or property to buyer and makes arrangements for escrow and title change. Must be licensed by state.