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Business Office Specialist



Use your organizational prowess to keep an office running smoothly.

What does a Business Office Specialist do?

In the past, the office was a segmented place. A Receptionist answered the phone. An Accountant paid the bills. An Administrative Assistant kept the schedule.

Now, all of these roles have been crammed into one job title: Business Office Specialist. For busy companies, with many jobs to do and little time to do them in, Business Office Specialists are the glue that holds everything together. In short, the Business Office Specialist keeps the company running.

Most companies rely on mountains of data, and as a Business Office Specialist, you’re an information guru. Filing, storing, archiving, retrieving, and inputting information are all tasks that you do with ease. Whenever someone in the office needs to find something or put an item away, they visit you. If you work in a medical office, this is of particular importance, as missing files could result in Lawyer visits.

Some companies rely on you to process payroll, send out bills to customers, pay invoices from vendors, and accept payments from outside companies. This work can be time-consuming, especially at the end of the month and at the end of the year, and you’re allowed to let some other work slide during these busy times. Money tends to take precedence over all other tasks.

Smaller tasks, such as ordering office supplies, delivering the mail, preparing packages for shipment, and making coffee, are also important parts of your workday. They allow you to get up from your desk from time to time as well, and this is a bit of an added perk.

Some executives aren’t adept at their computer programs, and they rely on you to type up reports, make presentations, create spreadsheets, and craft thank-you cards. At times, you may listen in on phone calls and type up notes, and you may also go to meetings to keep a formal record of what was said.

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