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Business Enterprise Officer

Direct self-employment rehabilitation programs for handicapped persons.

What does a Business Enterprise Officer do?

Plans and directs self-employment rehabilitation programs for handicapped persons throughout state or region: Interviews handicapped applicants to determine suitable job or business consistent with applicant’s experience, training, aptitude, and physical limitations. Accepts or recommends acceptance of suitable candidates. Develops training methods and trains handicapped persons in operation of business, according to knowledge of retail merchandising principles and techniques. Plans desirable locations for enterprises, considering available facilities, traffic volume, fixtures and equipment costs, and character of business. Negotiates lease or donation of space with property owners and other interested parties. Establishes statistical and accounting procedures to evaluate productivity of business and success of proprietor. Coordinates activities with religious, charitable, and other agencies carrying out related programs to benefit handicapped persons. Prepares public information materials explaining program for radio, television, and printed media and presents lectures to interested groups to increase public awareness of handicapped citizens’ problems. Confers with state purchasing officials to obtain fixtures and initial stock for retail operations at most favorable prices available. Supervises activities of VENDING-STAND SUPERVISORS within territory assigned. May confer with contractors and inspect construction of retail stands for conformity with contract provisions.