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Business Director

Create strategies to attract customers and increase profits.

What does a Business Director do?

From small-town companies to giant corporations, the goal of every business is the same: to become faster, stronger, and more profitable. And that’s where a Business Director comes in. Whether finding new streams of revenue, evaluating consumer demographics, or resolving administrative issues, Business Directors help companies progress.

In the corporate world, “progress” usually means , so it’s no surprise that a Business Director’s primary goal is to develop new areas of profit. To accomplish this work, you keep your fingers on the pulse of your industry: reading trade journals, scanning relevant articles and browsing social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter.

Your next step is to find and analyze potential customers. Depending on the size and structure of your company, you may contact other corporations, government bodies, or non-profit organizations, as well as regular customers. You use data analysis tools, web research, and company-specific software to help to zero-in on the best marketing targets.

Once you’ve identified a promising group of customers, you create a pricing strategy to attract their business. You might even reach out to clientele directly via email, YouTube videos, or over lunch. When not dealing with consumers, you brainstorm with colleagues, file reports, and meet with other company members.

So, what’s it take to be a successful Business Director? Creative thinking, good communication skills, and a Bachelor’s degree in Business or Marketing.

Your strong educational background is crucial when it comes to clearly presenting complicated statistical analysis-like market-sizing research-to a team of senior executives. You’ll be especially grateful to your English Professor when faced with three hundred pages of data that you must synthesize into a concise report. Plus, your college-level vocab comes in handy when dealing with those brainy PhDs in your business meetings.