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Business Development Manager Career Information

What skills do you need to become a business development manager?

Common skills for business development managers include marketing, management, and social media. On top of that, having research and sales knowledge may differentiate you from your competitors who are applying for the same job.

Many different undergraduate majors produce thriving business development managers. Marketing degrees are significantly more prevalent than economics degrees. Business development managers will also major in business and commerce and communication.

Business development managers work both individually and cross functionally with others in their organizations. They are more commonly employed in information technology and services and computer software industries.

What are the popular locations for business development manager jobs?

Another common consideration many graduates face when they begin to search for jobs is the job location. New York and Chicago are two attractive options for business development managers to find jobs. Alternative cities include Los Angeles, Boston, and San Francisco.


Create plans to increase your company's sales and profits.

Salary Range: $65,033 - $120,000
Industry: Computer Software
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