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Business Development Director



Forge profitable partnerships for your company.

What does a Business Development Director do?

Businesses need partners, vendors, and customers to thrive. While marketing and advertising are two solid resources for drawing them in, the job of a Business Development Director takes these business-building techniques a step further. Business Development Directors develop relationships with business owners, negotiate agreements, and propel their company toward achieving financial goals.

Networking is a major part of this job. As Business Development Director, you are the face of the company, so you project the proper image at all times. This doesn’t always mean donning a suit and tie. If you market surfing equipment, you might hang out at surfing competitions in your shorts and Hawaiian shirt. Whatever your attire, the goal is to make business partners and potential partners feel comfortable with you and your company.

Your tactics for creating agreements vary with the company you work for. While one job might see you pitching a PowerPoint presentation, another might require a reliable golf swing. But, marketing is only one aspect of your job. You also help formulate the company’s long- and short-term strategic and financial goals, and identify opportunities such as the development of new programs, products, or mergers.

Being in charge of establishing business relationships, developing marketing strategies, and finding lucrative business investments is no easy task. But you are prepared because you keep abreast of industry news, and scrutinize the competition. At the end of the quarter, your financial savvy, creative flair, and leadership skills will be showcased in the company’s bottom line.

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