Business Continuity Manager

Implement strategies for dealing with business setbacks.

What does a Business Continuity Manager do?

As a Business Continuity Manager, you work to make sure that a business is always ready and able to supply products and services to its customers, even in the face of threats, breakdowns, and natural disasters.

It’s all about creating a plan for how to react when, well, just about any situation occurs. What if there’s a power outage? How will the company continue if there’s an employee strike? Is there a backup plan if the main office is demolished by a hurricane?

Working with a team of Information Technology Managers, you consider every option, and create a plan to deal with it.

Your goal as a Business Continuity Manager is to make sure that customers always have access to your services. That means creating backup systems for document storage, writing down step-by-step instructions to deal with terrorist attacks, and writing the procedural manual for how to react to an emergency.

As a Business Continuity Manager, you work under the direction of the Business Continuity Director, who supervises the entire project. That means you attend regular meetings, set goals, hit deadlines, offer suggestions, and submit report after report. After all, a careful analysis of what’s currently happening, coupled with a dash of risk assessment and a heavy pour of impact analysis, is the perfect recipe for business continuity planning.