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Business Continuity Director

Create a plan to maintain your company's operations, whatever the threat.

What does a Business Continuity Director do?

Starting a business is a little like jumping off a cliff with an old parachute: It’s unpredictable. Maintaining that business can be easier once supplier, production, employee, and financing issues begin to work in sync. But for many businesses, a bump in the road can be enough to bring in the loan sharks with a pick slip in their hand. It’s the job of the Business Continuity Director to create a plan that protects against all elements that threaten a business.

Any company, from a bank to a dry cleaner, has computer systems, employee issues, utility and rent overhead, bank loans, equipment costs, and vendor relationships to deal with. Your job as a Business Continuity Director is to lead a crew of Business Continuity Managers and Information Technology Managers who understand the looming threats that could bring the company to its knees.

One of your duties as a Business Continuity Director is to create a plan for emergencies, terrorism, natural disasters, and other catastrophic events. That means designing and implementing procedures for emergencies-for instance, if a building burns down, a storage facility becomes flooded, or a tornado rips through town. Additionally, you plan for anything that may cause a disruption in service to your customers.

For example, your team takes into account the possibility of a strike, a shift in regulatory policies, a change in interest rates, a breach in security, a federal audit, or employee embezzlement. Under your guidance, the company is ready to react to any situation, armed with clear instructions, backup plans, and practiced company policies.