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Business Administration Professor

Teach university students about business administration.

What does a Business Administration Professor do?

Business Administration Professors teach students how to effectively manage businesses and employees. Their students are business administration undergraduates who may very well be great business leaders in the making. To help them succeed, Business Administration Professors teach them skills like how to organize people, mobilize employees towards a common goal, and be good Managers in general.

Managers have to think beyond the tasks at hand, and have to have short-term as well as long-term goals. As Business Administration Professor, you inspire your students into adopting this kind of thinking, and train them on many other administrative aspects as well, such as finance, personnel, and information systems management.

To be able to teach your students well, you should have a good head for math, familiarity with economic principles, and knowledge about the current and future climates of global and local markets. Depending on the classes you’re teaching, your tasks and methods of instruction can vary. But it’s not all math and humdrum lessons. After all, you’re teaching the next generation of management and corporate moguls how to effectively run their businesses. How’s that for spicing up your workday?

Because you are a Professor, there are certain jobs that come with the territory apart from the study of business administration. You perform administrative duties along with your fellow Professors, attend meetings, and hold office hours. You are also expected to write a certain amount of published journal entries, papers, and op-eds throughout the year.