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Bus Dispatcher

Schedule bus pick-up and drop-offs and assign drivers as needed.

What does a Bus Dispatcher do?

A Bus Dispatcher does a bit more than the title implies. Rather than just dispatching a bus to move from point A to point B, you make sure that the bus stays on course during the journey, and that any problems are handled quickly and efficiently.

You spend much of your day looking at schedules. You determine when the buses should leave the station, and you assign Drivers to those buses. If a Driver is ill and can’t work, you’re the one they call, and you’ll need to find a replacement.

Many Bus Dispatchers work for school systems. These school systems may have the same Driver take the same route every day, but you may be asked to find Drivers for special field trips or other excursions. If you work for a bus line such as Greyhound, you may use different Drivers for different routes each day. You announce departure and arrival times over a public intercom system, and you make sure that each Driver is wearing the proper uniform for work.

If a Driver has a problem on the route, such as a mechanical failure or a road closure, they call you for advice. You determine an alternate route, send another bus to pick up the passengers, or call a crew to make repairs.

Being a Bus Dispatcher is much like being an Air Traffic Controller. You’re in charge of departures and arrivals, and you solve problems when they occur. You know you’re doing your job well when your work goes unnoticed, and your passengers have smooth, forgettable trips.