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Handle tuition payments and other money matters for a university.

What does a Bursar do?

If you’ve ever attended college, you’ve most likely stood in the Bursar’s office. This is where the college’s finances are handled, mainly tuition and fees. As a Bursar, you monitor student accounts, tallying fees and tuition dues, and then accept payment on those accounts. You supervise an office staff that helps you keep things in order. Even with the aid of computers, keeping track of thousands of student accounts is no easy task.

Your office is the central processing station for all charges on campus. If a student owes a fine for a missing library book, you know about it. And not only do you know about it, but you also send the bill and collect the payment for it. Then you make sure the library clears the debt off the books. You set up student accounts, structure payment plans, and provide customer service. “How much do I owe?” “When is my payment due?” “Can I change my payment date?” You answer all these questions in a way that benefits both the student and the school.

In some Bursar positions, you have a broader responsibility on campus as you create campus budgets, provide financial planning, and create reports for management and stakeholders. Then you assign resources around campus, and maintain careful cash-flow records. In addition, you organize fundraising efforts for the school. This job requires a rare mix of office management, financial knowledge, a passion for math, people skills, and organization.

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