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Burn Table Operator



Soften huge slabs of metal and transport them by forklift.

What does a Burn Table Operator do?

When butter is cold, it’s hard to cut and it tends to shatter. Metal is a lot like butter. When it’s warm, it can be cut into smaller pieces, or holes can be punched out of it with ease. The job of a Burn Table Operator is to make it easy to handle metal by heating it up using a large machine.

Burn Table Operators work in factories, usually on a shift system, which means they share their equipment with other workers. Your job as Burn Table Operator has its dangers so you must follow the safety requirements of your company, like wearing the proper gear even though you’d rather feel the wind in your hair and show off your blue eyes. In some factories, you only heat up the metal and then deliver it to someone else for cutting. In others, you make those cuts yourself.

You use a forklift to lift large pieces of metal onto your machine. Blueprints tell you where the cuts must be made and what shape the metal must take. With this as your guide, you program the machine to heat the metal to the proper temperature, at the right spots.

If you’re also in charge of making the cuts, you’ll likely use the same machine. You program the cuts at the same time that you program the heating. When the cuts have been made, you inspect the finished product and make sure it matches the drawings to the letter.

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