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Examine fabrics for weaving defects.

What does a Burler do?

Examines fabric for weaving defects, using power-driven examining machine, and repairs defects, using burling iron, needle and thread, tufting device, and scissors: Pulls fabric over rollers, down over inspection board, and wraps cloth end around powered takeup beam or tube. Depresses pedal to start machine that moves fabric over inspection board, and scans and feels fabric for defects, such as burls, slubs, loose threads, mispicks, defective pile or soils. Stops machine and trims loose threads with scissors and pulls out defective yarn and pile with burling iron. Reweaves mispicks and inserts pile or tufts as specified, using needle or tufting device. Removes soils from carpeting, using brush and cleaning chemicals. May record yardage inspected and repaired. May doff rolls of fabric from machine, using hoist.

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