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Bullet Grooving-Sizing-Machine Operator

Set up and operate battery of hopper-fed machines.

What does a Bullet Grooving-Sizing-Machine Operator do?

Sets up and operates battery of hopper-fed machines to automatically groove or knurl, die-size, and lubricate bullets for small arms ammunition: Installs and adjusts grooving segments, lubricating and sizing die, feedpipes, and feeding mechanism, using handtools. Turns crank to withdraw plunger from cylinder and inserts wax stick lubricant which is force fed to lubricating die. Adjusts rheostat to heat and soften wax electrically in die box. Fills hopper with bullets and starts machine. Measures work samples to verify location and depth of grooves, and length and diameter of bullets, according to specifications, using fixed gauges. Inspects bullets to ensure that grooves are filled with lubricant. Turns stop nuts and setscrews to adjust machine by trial and error to produce acceptable bullets. Observes grooving and feeding mechanisms for jams. Removes jammed bullets, using fingers or wire pick.