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Bulbs Farmworker

Perform the tasks involved in operating and maintaining farm machineries.

What does a Bulbs Farmworker do?

Performs any combination of following tasks involved with driving, operating, and maintaining farm machinery and equipment, planting, cultivating, and harvesting flower bulbs and flowers, and maintaining structures on nursery acreage or in greenhouse: Hitches farm implements, such as plow and disk, to tractor, and drives tractor while operating implements to till soil and plant, fertilize, cultivate, dust, and spray crops, such as tulip, hyacinth, and begonia. Adjusts conveyor speeds and height of digging mechanism, using wrench, and drives and operates harvesting machine to dig up bulbs, applying knowledge of terrain contours and type of bulb being harvested. Participates in indoor activities, such as setting flowers in chilled-water troughs, packing flowers in cartons, stacking cartons on pallets, handtrucking containers of flowers and bulbs to designated areas in warehouse or greenhouse, and repairing boxes. Loads truck with containers of bulbs or flowers, and drives truck to deliver products. Repairs and paints farm structures, using ladder, brushes, and carpentry handtools. Washes, paints, lubricates, and participates in repair of farm machinery, using mechanic’s handtools.