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Bulb Grower

Run a horticulture business specializing in bulbs.

What does a Bulb Grower do?

All living things come from somewhere, and a Bulb Grower is a large part of the origination process for many types of vegetation. Overseeing the planting, cultivation, growth, and harvest of many types of horticultural specialties, a Bulb Grower is more than a glorified Gardener; he is the master of all things horticulture-related.

Contrary to what the average individual may think, a Bulb Grower works year round to ensure that the crops are progressing as they should. As a Bulb Grower, you’re hard at work from the planning stages to the day of harvest, keeping the bulbs growing and flourishing.

For example, you may begin by researching a type of plant that’s in high demand and can be profitable for your business. After studying the proper growing conditions, you make necessary arrangements to cultivate (prepare the soil), propagate (breed), and eventually harvest the bulbs. But your job doesn’t end there. During each stage of the process, you’re responsible for touring the growing areas to ensure that proper guidelines are followed, to inspect the crops, and to determine if changes are necessary to produce the best harvest.

A background in horticulture, botany, chemistry, economics, and marketing are all put to good use in this job. Knowing what the species requires, how to make it grow, and how to sell the bulbs is your responsibility. Put your green thumb to the test and earn your living doing what you love most: growing beautiful specimens for the world to enjoy.