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Building Technician

Use your expertise in building processes to help various professionals.

What does a Building Technician do?

A Building Technician is an expert in construction laws and processes. The responsibilities of Building Technicians include drafting building plans, advising Construction Supervisors about supply costs, and helping resolve building issues. You support Home Inspectors, Building Inspectors, Architects, Engineers, and Construction Managers in their jobs.

You can hold a Building Technician position at a county level, where you facilitate permits and inspections. In this role, you accept applications for building permits and inspections, maintain project files, issue permits, and provide cost estimates to clients. In addition, you assist in scheduling job site inspections from Fire Inspectors, Safety Inspectors, Planners, and Engineers. This looks like a lot of work so you keep a log of all your activities.

Or you can work on the site of a construction project. Here, your responsibilities range from answering the phone to designing blueprints. Because you’re an assistant to so many types of professionals, your job offers variety. One day, you might be requesting county permits and inspections and organizing material deliveries for the job site. Another day, you might be appraising vendor and material costs. One of your responsibilities is to constantly evaluate pricing and supply delivery. This helps you decide whether to search for cheaper, more efficient, or more reliable suppliers, or renegotiate existing contracts.

You do all this while monitoring the project timeline and budget. In order to stay current with the project, you attend meetings, maintain communication with all parties, and may even supervise Contractors. By wearing so many hats, you acquire a vastly varied skill set. That’s why this job is a great launching point for a career in architecture, engineering, planning, inspecting, surveying, or construction.