Building Maintenance Mechanic

Keep buildings secure, safe, and in top-notch shape.

What does a Building Maintenance Mechanic do?

Most homeowners have lengthy lists of repairs that should be made to their homes. Perhaps the front doorknob is a bit loose, the third step up from the basement is squeaking, or the hot water heater is only heating to the tepid stage. While homeowners may tolerate these breakdowns in their own homes, they will rarely tolerate them in the workplace. When something breaks, they want it fixed pronto, and they call a Building Maintenance Mechanic to make those repairs.

As a Building Maintenance Mechanic, you probably work in the same building each day, and you know the quirks of that building like you know the contours of your face. But some Building Maintenance Mechanics do cover several buildings at once, and they keep good notes to jog their memories about the buildings they work on.

When you’re called to the scene of a problem, you first ensure that you can handle the problem yourself. Minor electrical problems, plumbing problems, or maintenance issues can quickly be handled by you with little fuss, but major problems such as a leaking roof, fire damage, or major equipment malfunctions might best be handled by others. Plumbers, Roofers, and Electricians are all programmed on your phone’s speed dial.

Performing routine maintenance allows you to avoid some catastrophic problems. Periodically, you change filters, clean gutters, plow snow, replace bulbs, and run equipment through a series of checks. To keep the building looking clean and bright, you also perform periodic makeovers, fixing chipped tile, painting walls, and patching holes.