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Building Inspector

Provide building inspections to ensure code enforcement.

What does a Building Inspector do?

In the United States, there are building codes for just about any type of construction, from small home additions to renovations to building enormous bridges. The job of a building inspector is to make sure that all of these codes are met. If you’re interested in construction and are a stickler for safety, this might be the job for you.

As a building inspector, you’ll work with contractors, construction management, and often homeowners. Your job typically begins with a plan review, verifying that the building plan meets all relevant codes and zoning regulations. You then either approve the plan or ask for revisions, and once the plan is approved, construction can begin. Building inspectors verify that things are done correctly on the job site; occasionally, you have to issue stop-work orders to correct problems. Near the end of construction, before the workers finish the interior walls, you inspect all wiring, plumbing, and anything else inside the walls. Final building inspections are conducted upon completion to confirm that the workers did all work according to plan.

To become a building inspector, check your state and local requirements, as they vary. Most training will happen on the job, and experience in construction is necessary. Being involved in some home inspections as a contractor or carpenter helps a lot in learning the codes, though actually working alongside an inspector is your best way to gain experience.