Building Cleaner

Clean bricks, stones, or metal exterior of structures.

What does a Building Cleaner do?

Cleans brick, stone, or metal exterior of structures, using cleaning agents, such as sand, acid solution, and steam: Cleans limited section of surface to determine strength of cleaning agents needed to prepare desired surface finish. Erects swinging scaffold, positions ladders, or assembles metal scaffolding to facilitate cleaning of structures. Pours specified portions and type of cleaning agents into hoppers or tanks of truck-mounted pumping equipment, and turns valves of equipment to produce steam and pump cleaning agents through hoses. Presses levers of spray nozzles to regulate flow of cleaning agent over structure surface. Cleans excessively stained surface areas, using brushes and cleaning compound. Sprays concrete floor to etch surface for cleaning and applies filler compound to seal floor surface. Cleans exterior surfaces of vehicles, using high pressure hoses and cleaning solutions. Cleans rugs on premise of customer, using chemicals, handbrushes, or portable scrubbing machine. Replaces worn parts of cleaning equipment and maintains equipment, using handtools.