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Buffing Line Set Up Worker

Set up buffing line to buff metal parts to specified finish.

What does a Buffing Line Set Up Worker do?

Sets up buffing line to buff metal parts, such as automobile trim or hardware, to specified finish, following work order and using knowledge of metals, abrasives, and finishing techniques: Reads work order to determine part to be buffed. Selects holding fixtures and bolts them to drive mechanism. Selects buffs and positions and attaches them to spindles, using knowledge of buffing operations to determine type of buffs, angle of contact, and pressure against workpiece. Sets timers to control speed of indexing, according to size and material of workpiece and to control application of lubricant and abrasive. Examines finish of first piece through buffing line for conformance to specifications. Adjusts setup to achieve specified finish. May change speed of buffing wheels by varying ratio of drive pulleys.