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Buffing and Polishing Wheel Repairer

Repair cloth buffing and polishing wheels.

What does a Buffing and Polishing Wheel Repairer do?

Repairs cloth buffing and polishing wheels, using handtools, standard charts, tracing lathe, and arbor press: Clamps worn wheel in steam cleaning machine to remove abrasives and bonding materials. Dismantles cleaned wheels, using handtools, and salvages cloth inserts depending upon size and condition. Assembles buffing and polishing wheels according to standard charts, by pressing inserts and spacers on wheel shaft, using arbor press. Mounts assembled wheel on tracing lathe to turn wheel surface to specified shape. Sprays or brushes abrasive bonding material on surface of polishing wheel and places it in oven to dry. Repairs polishing wheels by recoating with specified abrasive bonding material. May mount completed polishing and buffing wheels on machine.