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Buffer I

Buff items with cloth buffing wheel.

What does a Buffer I do?

Buffs items, such as automobile trim or accessories, hardware, or fabricated plastic parts with cloth buffing wheel: Holds and moves parts against wheel to smooth surfaces, produce specified finish, or cut down plating defects, such as burns or salt deposits, using knowledge of metals and buffing operations. Coats buffing wheel by holding buffing compound stick against revolving wheel. Pushes and manipulates workpiece against buffing wheel to remove scratches and defects and produce specified finish, using knowledge of buffing operations and finishes. Replaces worn buffs, using wrench. Uses care not to cut through plate when buffing plated surfaces. May be designated according to type of material buffed as Buffer, Chrome; Buffer, Copper; Buffer, Nickel. May polish articles [POLISHER] and buff articles and be designated Polisher And Buffer I. May polish brass eye castings used in fitting wooden shuttles and clean castings in series of chemical solutions and be designated Strapper And Buffer.