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Budget Accountant



Apply principles of accounting to prepare budget.

What does a Budget Accountant do?

Applies principles of accounting to analyze past and present financial operations and estimates future revenues and expenditures to prepare budget: Analyzes records of present and past operations, trends and costs, estimated and realized revenues, administrative commitments, and obligations incurred to project future revenues and expenses, using computer. Documents revenues and expenditures expected and submits to management. Maintains budgeting systems which provide control of expenditures made to carry out activities, such as advertising and marketing, production, maintenance, or to project activities, such as construction of buildings. Advises management on matters, such as effective use of resources and assumptions underlying budget forecasts. Interprets budgets to management. May develop and install manual or computer-based budgeting system. May assist in financial analysis of legislative projects to develop capital improvement budget and be designated Program Analyst. May assist communities to develop budget and efficient use of funds and be designated Public Finance Specialist

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