Brush Painter

Brush paints, lacquers, or rustproofing agents onto metals or woodstocks.

What does a Brush Painter do?

Brushes paint, lacquer, rustproofing agent, or other coating onto metal, woodstock, or fabricated items, using brush: Places workpiece on bench, stanchion, or floor. Cleans surfaces, using hand scraper, wire brush, sandpaper, or turpentine. Pours desired amount of thinner into paint. Paints articles, using brush. Cleans brushes and floor, using solvent or soap and water. May transfer items to and from work area, using hoist or handtruck. May be designated according to article painted as Last-Code Striper; Painter, Drum; Painter, Mannequin; Pipe Coater; or according to coating applied as Japanner; Lacquerer; Car Varnisher.